Toyota Prius - 2005

I proudly brought home my 2005 Toyota Prius on March 26, 2005. It's white w/ grey interior, and is a BC (Package #6). I was lucky enough to not have a wait for one, and was able to drive down to Tennessee to pick it up days after putting my deposit on the car. I'll be posting pictures, technical data, and the milage as I go. So far, the car is wonderful, and my experiences will be displayed here as they happen. Happy Priusing!


Milage Information!
DatePriceEnding MilageMiles TravelledGallonsDisplayedMPGCalcedMPGComments
2005-03-31$2.214294298.847.848.75Speedway, Autoshutoff
2005-04-07$2.298474188.748.548.05Citgo, Rolled to $20, Autoshutoff at 8.5 gallons
2005-04-16$2.2112764299.35348.645.87BP in Pine Knot, KY; Pump didn't autoshutoff and ran slowly
2005-04-21$2.0516493727.16249.951.94Thornton's, Autoshutoff at 7.162 gallons
2005-05-01$2.1620664169.43648.743.96BP, Autoshutoff, VERY fast pump and may have gone over
2005-05-14$1.9424874217.10651.959.25Swifty, Autoshutoff, tried 3 times to get more in, VERY slow pump
2005-05-25$1.9528383518.93249.839.30Speedway, Autoshutoff
2005-06-04$1.8732604219.04849.846.53Speedway, Autoshutoff
2005-06-17$2.1337635039.49150.753.00Speedway, Autoshutoff, tried twice
2005-07-01$2.0241393767.93645.647.38Swifty, Autoshutoff, 2+hours idling
2005-07-05$2.0244192806.84348.440.92Speedway, Autoshutoff, AC+mid/upper 90s
2005-07-09$2.1947493307.41148.744.53Speedway, Autoshutoff+$.25, AC+mid/upper 90s
2005-07-17$2.0951894408.92652.549.30SpeedyMart, Autoshutoff, AC+mid/upper 90s
2005-07-27$2.1956854969.47250.652.37Speedway, Autoshutoff, AC+mid/upper 90s
2005-08-07$2.19610642110.00747.542.10Citgo, Strange Pumps, Upper 90s, Bronchitis (lots of HVAC)
2005-08-28$2.3665404348.69648.749.73Speedway, Autoshutoff and a bit more, car sat a week while we were on vacation
2005-09-13$2.7169704309.28651.146.31Sam's Club, odd pump speeds, autoshutoff
2005-09-21$2.5472102404.02050.159.70Thornton's, Autoshutoff and a bit more